Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Waaarm, I'm a Liar Radio etc.

Wow, today is actually warm enough for me to have had the window open for the last hour. I know what you thinking "why do I care about your house's micro climate", "I can see the weather for myself" & "It isn't that warm, are you a crazy person?".

I'm A Liar Radio
Well slightly yes, after an extensive search of, I think, EVERY production company in these United Kingdom's (well Wales is a principality, "Yay we're special!") that has produced comedy, and noticing that a few are wanting radio scripts I've started adapting I'm a Liar for radio. I'd already thought, if it didn't get made for TV, a radio version would be the cheapest way for us to make I'm a Liar, so that's another reason too. This process is crazy-making. I've read this script a hundred times, so I've kinda forgotten which bits are funny. And then I get rid of those bits and they become brilliant. So annoying, not like my countries been ran for forty years by a tyrant who wears "shades" annoying, but pretty annoying. I'm also teaching myself the format which is like learning to write with your left hand if you're used to TV. Anyway you don't care about that really.

The future is scary as s*it
"Augmented reality will be the new reality".
By the looks of this advert the future is full of people saying things they couldn't possibly understand, with complete conviction (nothing changes). Pity by 2021 University will cost M$1,000,000 (M$ = Mars Dollars), they'll be no public services so their babies will be born in skips and virtual reality will leave them bloated, impatient, monsters.

Scott Pilgrim-a-like
I've just realised the Scott Pilgrim character I look like is
Comeau. I'm not like him though, I k
now no one, not even you.

Comeau, look glasses and floppy fringe like me.

Things I Like:
"Back in the day" Hip Hop:
Mos Def – Oh No - (best of decade I version) (Spotify)

Watching 5 episodes a day at least of this sitcom:
The Office(US) Imdb watchonline
Proving America doesn't always F*ck up remakes.

Smartest people on the net:
(did I just write 'on the net?')

Laziest game of Tennis:

Friday, 11 February 2011

I'm a Liar, Bad Feeling, Escape from the Studio Award Success

I'm A Liar
Today I'll get to hold the final copy of I'm a Liar, the sitcom pilot me and Alan have been working on since November. It is something we are both proud of, and I'm really happy how it's turned out. We're entering it into Laughing Stock 2011 from the BBC's Writersroom, and I think at least, if we don't get into the top 25, the people who get to go on the Masterclass, the other sitcoms must be amazing.

KEVIN BAXTER is sat on a couch in a suit and a bowler hat looking miserable. He is surrounded by balloons, party streamers and extremely happy looking people. He looks at his drink and takes a sip. He is just about to stand up when GREGG sits down. He is dressed as Thor. Kevin is dressed as Mr. Benn.
That's the very beginning of the very first page of the script. Aren't you excited? Probably not, but I am! Yay! If it doesn't get anywhere, competition wise, I'm looking to adapt it into a radio play so it might come to your ears sometime soon, with Alan as our main man Kevin.

Bad Feeling
Next is Bad Feeling! Me and Alan will be writing/starting pre-production on the adaptation of Alan's Short Film of the same name. It's an homage STARWARS and I've already started my huge mound of 'research' that I like to do. Starting with the amazing Star Wars Begins, Building Empire & Returning to Jedi. Which I highly recommend you all see. It's essentially a book about how they made the original trilogy, without the inky fingers or paper cuts. And you get to see the films, kinda, for free. So you actually see what's being referenced, rather than half-remembering them. But I suppose if you don't like Star Wars, it's pretty wank... Going to start a look for some music by local (Merseyside) bands we might like to use for the film, so if there's any suggestions, feel free to suggest those suggestions.

Escape From The Studio Award Success
Well done to Jim, Anna & Dan who won a Royal Television Awards North West Award for Escape from The Studio. It was a very fun, long, wet day that made that show.

Dan, Anna & Jim with RTS Award.

Things I Like:
Weird Foreign Language Music:
Dschinghis Khan – Dschinghis Khan (Spotify)

Highly Recommended Film:
Black Dynamite Imdb Trailer

Thing that's exciting me the most:
L.A. Noire Wiki Trailer

Thing that's distracting me whilst blogging:
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Suaréz based tactics talk.

With the imminent/eminent/never-gonna-happen transfer of Luis Suaréz from Ajax to Liverpool, I've been pondering how Suaréz would fit into the Liverpool Team, and there seems to me there are two likely options.

With Suaréz playing on the left of a front three, with Torres as the central striker and Kuyt as the right winger, he would be encouraged to cut in on his right foot, creating both space for an attacking full-back, Aurelio when fit, and allowing him self regular shots on goal. This position would also allow him, when cutting inside, the chance of pulling a centre back away from Torres, giving his strike partner greater space (or the defender sticking where he is and Suaréz being granted the space).

Gerrard, playing on the right of a centre midfield paring, would be in a perfect place for cross field balls to Suaréz and through balls to Torres should the space open up. He would also benefit from the space opened up by the opposing fullbacks having their hands full from the wings, allowing him to moving into the trequartista role he played in 2008/09, free in the knowledge he has Lucas covering.

Defensively, with the wide men asked to play high up the pitch, the 3 central midfield players would be required to provide cover, with Merieles protecting the left and Gerrard the right, should a Liverpool attack break down. With Lucas acting as 'midfield sweeper' or picking up any attacking midf

Liverpool have being playing in a slightly deeper version of this formation since Dalglish was appointed Manager, with Maxi Rodriguez in the inverted left-winger role (which suits him so much more than the right wing, due to his lack of pace and crossing ability), which has allowed Liverpool to be more adventurous going forward, with Fernando Torres not lacking in support in the first half of the Merseyside derby, for possibly the first time this season. Suaréz has played on the flanks of a front three many times for Ajax and Uruguay, notably in the World Cup, Scoring 3 goals form 6 games (and only one infamous on-the-line handball and subsequent massive celebration at the penalty save that followed). Also with Liverpool's woeful defensive record this season, it would actually be safer to have greater attacking impetus, putting the spotlight on the opposition defence. Attack the best form of defence etc.

Playing a 4-4-2 with Suaréz in the second striker position, which I suspect would be Suaréz's preferred choice, would certainly seem like a strong tactic going forward. On paper it would read like one too, with Suaréz's 49 goals last season, and Torres' 63 goals in 100 league games for Liverpool. But I actually think this would be the wrong move for Liverpool.

4-4-2 has been the tactic employed by Liverpool for the majority of this season, and it hasn't work for many reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is the affect a conventional strike partner has on Torres as, like the naughty boy he is, he doesn't play well with others. Maybe it's just coincidence but I have some examples. In EURO 2008, when Spain won, Torres played upfront with David Villa, with Villa gaining most of the plaudits. It wasn't until Villa was injured in the semi-final did Torres click into club form, scoring the winning goal (only his second in the tournament) and being voted man-of-the-match on the Final. Also in this summer's World Cup, Torres was again paired upfront with David Villa. Playing below-par, and being carried by the team, he lost his place mid-tournament to Pedro. And in the Liverpool shirt this season Torres hasn't been anyway near top form, looking disinterested while balls are just punted up for him and Ngog to chase. That is until, the last two games. Against Blackpool, upfront alone, he scored within 4 minutes. Against Everton, he was voted Man-of-the-match.

Also 4-4-2 opens up the question of who plays in the central midfield two. Merieles and Lucas's partnership has been the only positive to come out of Roy Hodgson's tenure as Liverpool manager, and Merieles has been one of our better players this season. This would make it hard to find a place for Gerrard in the team. Either he replaces Meireles in centre midfield (presuming Lucas would be kept in the team for defensive balance) or he's moved to right midfield, which he seems to be against (even though arguably he is better suited to playing there). This formation also causes a problem due to Liverpool's lack of left-footed wingers, Maxi & Cole obviously inclined to move inside which can clog up the centre of midfield, 'getting in the way' attacking wise of Meireles/Gerrard/Lucas. It is also easy for the opposition to defend against, with the back four being able to go man-to-man, with three central midfielders able to outnumber the two CM's in 4-4-2, allowing them to keep possession.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Escape From The Studio

Not been a good day, stood on my headphones leaving them as a gluey-tapey mess that will get me many looks from fellow commuters tomorrow, although I've just realised I'm a commuter which makes me feel grown up and sexy... Anyway I have been cheered up however by viewing Escape From The Studio, a Music TV show made by the wonderful Anna and glorious Jim (Digital Milk), starring The Mekkits, which I helped sound recording wise. Especially look out for the last song in part 3. Ohh Kaká has just been sent off for essentially just having a physical self... A feeling of only alrightishness in the world restored.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

4oD exclusive?

Had the unsusual experiance of watching the IT Crowd on 4oD before it comes out next friday. It can be seen here. A very good episode, but you'd expect anything by Graham Linehan to be good, although there are a few plot points that could make people watching think they're out of the loop somehow, like they've missed a few episodes or something similar. If you watch the episode I'm sure you'll get what I mean. I wonder if this preview showing of TV shows will become the norm, or follow the failed experiment of showing a show earlier on BBC3 (Eastenders) or E4(Desperate Housewives). Only time will tell. Back to the IT Crowd, the news that it will return after the current series for a 5th series must be applauded, I just hope it doesn't run out of steam.

A new bloginning!

As you may have become aware, by the use of one of the most bitchin' of 5 senses: sight, I have once again start tripping the blog fantastique. God I'm pretentious. Like most blogs that don't have a specific reason for living, unlike say a sports blog ("Go team Association Football!"), or a games blog ("ZOMG that final boss was whack"), this will be a "general" blog. Which means it will probably have no coordination, and be sporadic in delivery, but being that it's my blog that's probably apt.

I was trying to think yesterday about what a suitable topic for this first post would be, I had a lot of ideas, the england game, some new music I like, some films I want to see etc. but they all seemed abit uninteresting to other people. Although I dare say 90% of any posts will be on similar subjects. So I'm just going to start, how 50% of blogs do start, by welcoming you to my blog!

Here are somethings I'm liking at the moment:

Pretentious Music:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Queen Of The Night: Aria (Magic Flute) (Spotify)

Less Pretentious Music:
Joel Plaskett – When I Have My Vision (Spotify)

Thing I made:
The Walls - Directed by Graham Matthias, Produced by Jamie Williamson, Written by Jamie Williamson & Graham Matthias

Thing that's exciting me the most:
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | International Trailer